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About Crypto PR – Best Branding Agency for Crypto in India

We Propel Digital Growth

Crypto PR is one of the best branding agency for Crypto in India and we help our clients to stay ahead, carve distinctive positions, creating the content and campaigns that enhance their market visibility and amplifies their uniqueness whether they are planning for growth, looking to attract investment or positioning for the exit.

Being one of the fastest-growing branding agencies for Crypto in India, Crypto PR does not believe in one size fit all approach. Crypto PR Agency hunts for coming up with the most relevant idea for creating PR campaigns and executing them for maximum impact.

Crypto PR is a complete Non-Fungible Token service provider and platform for business growth. It is one of the best NFT PR agencies in India, Metaverse Blockchain PR Company and Token PR Company in India, which relies on digital strategies to improve the brand’s awareness, evolve their business and gain online traction.

Meet our Founder

Kanika Chhabra

Kanika Chhabra has been in the Indian PR and Branding industry for more than a decade. She is also the Co-Founder & Director of V Spark Communications – a PR agency from Delhi specializing in Corporate Public Relations. She is a seasoned communications professional with expertise in traditional and digital media and formulates highly influential PR strategies.

With an in-depth understanding of the industry, the agency under Kanika’s leadership delivers integrated communications programs for clients from across all sectors. Holding experience in Content Marketing, Budget Management, Social Media Campaigns, Crisis Communications, Design & Development, Kanika’s influence carved her to possess a deep insight into the world of business. With steady devotion of over eleven years in the PR profession, she has well-gained the ability to identify the psychology behind the market shifts and their needs.

Kanika is a self-motivated PR professional who has built a strong team of creative thinking and seasoned PR women. She spearheads the team and business operations to create brand positioning for their clients to drive brand equity and exhibit authenticity.

Kanika has had a keen interest in multiple industries, yet found her passion in the Crypto and Blockchain space in recent years, and his leading brand management company V Spark Communications has acquired the opportunity to deliver media relations services for blockchain experts and one of India’s earliest adopters of cryptocurrency Mr. Hitesh Malviya, and his brand ItsBlockchain. Kanika has also worked for F5ire and Blockcube.

She was featured in the TimesJobs portal as a leading young entrepreneur creating a niche for herself on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2017.


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